Private Schools' Teachers Not Well Treated -- NAPST President

As Nigeria join their counterparts the world over to celebrate this year’s World Teachers Day, the celebration has been plagued with an outcry of poor welfare and non-payment of salaries.

They are, however, also calling on the government at all levels to train teachers and key-in into new technologies for teaching if Nigerian students must compete globally.

As the World Teachers Day slated for 5 October, 2020, draws near, the National Association Of Private School Teachers (NAPST) has called on the government to enforce labour laws in the private school sector to protect teachers from afflictions.

The national president of the association, Akhigbe Olumhense said despite the importance of private school teachers in the country they are not treated well by their employers when it comes to welfare.

Teachers in Imo State also called on the State Governor, Hope Uzodimma to take the payment of their salaries as a priority.

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