We, the underlisted former teachers in Al-Medinah International College, Osogbo write this rejoinder to clarify some outright falsehoods and defamation of characters in the disclaimer made by  Dr. Fadhil Nurudeen Abiola, the proprietor of the abovementioned college.

Firstly, it is assumed that a personality like Dr. Fadhil Nurudeen Abiola would be an epitome of integrity, good character and humility judging by his self-acclaimed scholarship in Islamic knowledge and jurisprudence. As we felt disappointed by the conduct unbecoming of him, we are consoled by Qur'an 2, verse 44 that addresses pretenders under the garb of religious leaders like him thus:

" exhort the people to be righteous, while forgetting yourselves, though you read the scripture? Do you have no sense?" -- Qur'an 2 verse 44.

With a casual look at all the seven (7) allegations in that disclaimer, one would see that:

(1). Dr. Fadhil did not state categorically what really occurred between the concerned teachers and him (through his co-conspirators) on August 07, 2020 when we held a meeting at secondary school section of the school because he has no genuine point. We shall state what happened that day here because we have nothing to hide like him.

(2). The allegations in number 1 and 2 of the disclaimer are the same. He alleged that we are arrogant and disrespectful because we refused to be exploited and enslaved. The same thing occurs in number 3, 4 and 5 in which he alleged that we intended to sabotage interest of WAEC students. His evil aim is to instigate the parents against us. We have no reason to do that to any student or parent because they are innocent. Our prayer and intention are for success of the students because they are products of our arduous training. It's our glory if they succeed in the examination.

In number (6) he said we are not grateful for giving foodstuffs to us during Ramadan. This was a foodstuff whose its money was not from his pocket but donations/charities from benevolent Muslims to him.

While he cited case of low grade schools that could not pay their teachers during the lockdown, he woefully failed to mention schools such as Islamic College, Osogbo, Ansar-ud-Deen Primary School, Rawdatul Atfaal International College, etc that continue to pay their teachers. On that, Dr. Fadhil is even expected to be a good example to others as someone who usually presents himself as a saint among Muslims.

Read also a related report below:


Dr. Fadhil summoned the concerned teachers to resume on August 06, 2020. We honoured the invitation. When we arrived in the college, Headmaster of primary section and acting principal, Mr. Adebayo Abdulmumeen and Mr. Lukman Busari Taiwo respectively told us that that Dr. Fadhil said we should enter classes and start teaching the WAEC candidates.

We told them that there was a need to clarify certain things with him before we start teaching the students. After waiting for four (4) hours without seeing any person to meet us, we decided to leave the school's premises. That was what he called arrogance and disrespect.

On August 07, 2020, acting principal called us again. We honoured the invitation again. We resumed. After another five (5) hours, a meeting was held between the concerned teachers and two members of the management -- Abu Abdrahman and Mr. Abass Ibrahim.

 Mr.Abass Ibrahim addressed us in condescending manners as if we are Dr. Fadhil' slaves. Thereafter, he said the decision of Dr. Fadhil was that we, teachers should start teaching the students without any negotiation on what he would pay us. He further said that it was after we are teaching the students that Dr. Fadhil would come to observe our service. Then, if we motivate him, he would now think of what he would pay us. Since we are neither slaves nor indentured labourers, we insisted that we wanted to know what he would pay before teaching the students. We cannot start teaching the students just like that because we don't trust Dr. Fadhil due to his several refusal/failure to pay some teachers who had offered certain services to him based on agreement.

When Mr. Abdullah Sulaiman, English language teacher, expressed his view, Mr. Abass Ibrahim ordered him to leave the meeting. Thereafter, Mr. Omotosho Nurudeen supported Mr. Abdullah. He was also ordered to go out. The same order was given to Mrs. Sherifah and Mr. Lawal. Only a teacher, Mr. Razak Olawuyi sat and kept silent. That was how the meeting ended inconclusively.

On August 11, 2020, the following teachers tendered resignation letters and were received by acting principal and headmaster Mr. Lukman Busari and Adebayo Abdulmumeen respectively at the secondary school section.

1. Mr. Abdullah Sulaiman

2. Mrs Sherifah Adedoyin

3. Mr. Omotosho Nurudeen

4. Mr. Lawal Ayotunde

5. Mr. Qozeem Oyedare.

It was after Dr. Fadhil and his hirelings failed to induced some teachers among us that they later came up with a disclaimer in which they falsely claimed to have dismissed us without any letter to that effect.

Few days after our resignation, another two teachers have resigned. The question is, did they also committed the seven (7) offenses he falsely leveled against us?

Against this background, we therefore advise Dr. Fadhil Nurudeen Abiola, the proprietor of Al-Medinah International College, Osogbo to withdraw all his falsehoods in that disclaimer. Failure to do that, we shall consult our lawyers and sue him to court of law for defamation of character.

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