Mass Teachers' Resignation Hits Al-Medinah College

More Than Nine Academic and Non-academic Staff Resigned Before Covid-19.

About Seven Teachers Resigned After Covid-19.

More Teachers and Non-academic Staff Threaten to Resign.

There is presence of palpable fears and concerns in the minds of parents and guardians of students in Al-Medinah International College, Osogbo and Iwo branches over incessant resignation of academic and non-academic staff of the schools. Within a term, the school had suffered a loss of several competent staff due to alleged draconian and autocratic measures being used in handling of the affairs of the school by the management.

The school which was allegedly founded, financed and sponsored through charities and donations mainly from Saudi Arabia is under the control of Dr. Fadhil Nurudeen Abiola, an indigene of Iwo in Osun state.

Despite being allegedly run through charities and donations, it remains one of expensive schools in Osogbo. Initially, when it was founded, Osogbo Muslims in general and Muslims in Iludun community in particular were happy and hopeful that the school would serve interest of Islam. Their hope was dashed when they realized that motive of establishing it was to make profits.

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According to some reliable sources, many teachers left the school due to harassment and maltreatment from some members of  the management who are not educated in Western education but refused to accept advice and suggestions that would bring progress to the school.

The teachers were not only the victims of those negative attitudes. They were also extended to parents and guardians. Unlike in other private and public schools where there are functional Parents Teachers Associations (PTA) meeting through which contributions, advice and suggestions can be made for the progress of the schools, PTA is non-existent in the school because Dr. Fadhil Nurudeen has ordered the cancellation of PTA. Many parents have also lodged complaints over his attitudes during the last year end of year party in which he neither allowed parents to ask questions nor answered questions on the affairs of their children.


According to information from reliable sources, another set of teachers tendered their resignation letters on August 11, 2020. This was due to disagreement between the concerned teachers and Dr. Fadhil Nurudeen Abiola on resumption of schools for West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

It was reported that the management wanted the teachers to resume and start teaching the students without any plan or promise by the school authority to pay them despite not being paid since March when the school was closed due to Covid-19 lockdown.

One among the concerned teachers confided in us that Dr. Fadhil Nurudeen said he would come to observe the teachers in class before thinking of payment provided the teachers impress and motivate him in their teaching. This statement, according to the teacher, infuriated them because Dr. Fadhil wanted to treat them as if they are newly recruited teachers.


When asked why they did not trust Dr. Fadhil Nurudeen A. being an Islamic scholar, the teacher said several promises have been made in the past between the management and teachers in which Dr. Fadhil usually fails to fulfill his own side of agreement. He said, "there are instances in which he entered agreement with some teachers that were asked to provide tutorial for boarding students and students in madrasa (Islamic school). After the teachers discharged their duties, their stipends were deliberately delayed for months before being paid. We even have an instance in which after teachers did their jobs, Dr. Fadhil Nurudeen later wanted a new negotiation on stipends. Was that kind of person you want us to trust?".

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