Important Facts About May/June WAEC

Here are 12 things to know about WASSCE certificates, how to protect your certificate, and steps to follow if yours gets lost or damaged:

1. The West African Senior School Certificates Examination certificates are issued only once.

2. In case of theft, fire, flood and others, as they concern WASSCE certificates, the examining body can consider the issuance of an attestation certificate.

3. Affected candidates must provide all the necessary proofs required to that effect.

4. One of the ways candidates or persons get their certificates destroyed is mostly in an attempt to laminate them.

5. To forestall such, four years ago, WAEC introduced what it called certificate cover,’
6. The WASSCE certificate cover is a non-sticky certificate covers that is unique and protective, such that even if a certificate falls into water, it won’t be affected.

7. Your WASCCE certificate is uniquely yours and it is illegal to make it available for use by anyone else.

8. In case of errors on a candidate’s certificate, it can be corrected. A Private candidate sends his/her request for an amendment to WAEC directly, while in the case of a school candidate, it is the principal who makes the request.

9. In the two instances, the original copy of the certificate should be sent along with the application for amendment. WAEC charges a fee for the amendment where it is discovered that the error emanated from the candidate, otherwise, it is free.

10. School candidates collect their certificates from their schools, while private candidates obtain theirs directly from WAEC.

11. Candidates can collect their certificates from WAEC Zonal and Branch offices in charge of the state where they sat for the examination.

12. WAEC does not accredit certificates from foreign institutions. Accreditation is carried out by the Federal Ministry of Education alone.

13. In case of any issue on WAEC results, it's the school managements that can handle it with WAEC management or office for internal examination. That it's, candidates cannot directly contact WAEC office but through their school managements.

Culled from WAEC website.

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