How 2019 UTME Questions on the Use of English Will Be Set

The 2019 UTME questions that will be set for the Use of English will be graded/marked based on eight (8) sections in the subject. The total number of questions in the eight sections is sixty (60). These eight sections have been explained below:

1. Comprehension: Five Questions

Five (5) questions will be set on comprehension. This aspect will test candidates' understanding and ability to provide appropriate answers to questions on any topic in the comprehension.

 2. Cloze passageFive Questions

In this section, candidates will come across short passage in which they expected to replace omitted words with appropriate words from options below them.

3. Sweet SixteenTen Questions

Unlike previous UTME, this year's test will be based on newly recommended text, Sweet Sixteen. For every candidate, ten (10) questions will be attempted. Questions from this section may have higher mark than other sections. That it is, each question in this section is more equal than other questions from other sections.

 4. Sentence CompletionFive Questions

Another five (5) questions will be set on this section. Candidates are expected to provide appropriate answers to questions on any topic in this section.

5. Sentence InterpretationFive Questions

In this section, candidates' ability to read, understand and interpret sentences will be tested. Candidates are expected to read each question and give exact interpretation of it with the same meaning.

6. AntonymsFive Questions
Antonym simply means opposite. In this section, candidates must master meanings of words before he/she can provide most appropriate antonyms to them. Candidates are advised to critically examine all the options before picking any answer here. Five (5) questions will be set here.

7. SynonymsFive Questions
The same rules that are applicable in the above section (antonyms) also apply here. However, candidates are expected to provide most appropriate words that have nearest in meanings to the italicised ones. Five questions (5) will also be set here.

8. Oral formsFive Questions

This section covers fifteen (15) questions. Candidates' understanding and ability to provide appropriate answers on intonation, phonetics etc will be tested.

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