According to Wikipedia, Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) is a computer-based standardised examination for prospective undergraduates in Nigeria. It is designed to assess problem solving, critical thinking, knowledge of scientific concepts and principles significance for each subject taken (by candidates).

In order to get good grades or be successful as one wishes in this exam, one must inculcate certain habits or imbibe certain modus operandi (method of doing things) that have worked for successful candidates in the past. Without much ado, the ten tips below will help a lot if they are applied by candidates not only in UTME but other exams. It must be noted that these tips are not exhaustive and were not arranged in order of their importance.

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1. Control Your Anxiety
Anxiety simply means a feeling of excessive nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worry about yourself or something important to you. As a candidate, you may experience anyone of the above symptoms of Anxiety before or during the exam. But do not allow it to overwhelm you. The effective control is to take your mind off what's worrying you about life during the exam. Once you do that, it will not affect your performance in the examination.

2. Ensure You Have a Sound Sleep

Sleeping is vital to humans and brain development. Do not overstress yourself in a way that will negatively affect your sleeping. Once you can't sleep well, it will slow down the working of brain. Ensure that you adequately sleep few hours to the UTME exam. Do not let reading of books affect your sleepiness negatively.

3. Be a Voracious Reader

A major tip to success in your UTME examination is being a voracious reader of relevant books and materials. Cultivate habits of reading for some hours daily. Make sure you have a particular time in a day that you spend to read. It may be morning, afternoon, night or midnight. Just take anytime that suits your nature. Do not imitate your colleagues/friends on time of reading. Just observe yourself and identify time that you can assimilate or comprehend what you are reading better.

4. Have a Computer skills

Having basic skills in computer is another tip to success in your UTME examination. Howeverit is not mandatory or compulsory to have a computer skills to be successful in UTME exam because the exam has computerised in a way that every candidate with common sense can handle without hassles. But if you have the skills, it will reduce your anxiety and makes you well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

5. Ensure You Register Early

Early registration is another important tip to success in your UTME examination. Ensure you register as early as possible. This will help you to avoid errors in registration that usually occur when operators of JAMB CBT Centres are overwhelmed by huge crowds of candidates. Once you register early, you will have a rest of mind and face your books without worrying about registration.

6. Proper Time Management

Time is precious. Once you misuse it, it cannot be retrieved. Be a conscious time manager in the exam. Every subject has a fixed time that's allocated for it. Ensure you do not waste time on any of your four registered subjects. Moreover, make sure you do not stay longer on any question that is tough or a little bit difficult. Once you come across any difficult question, kindly leave it for next question. When you are through with other questions, you can go back to this question.

7. Do Subject(s) You Know Better First

During UTME exam, you are advised to do subject(s) you know and understand well first because that is where you will get higher marks/grades. When you complete these subjects, you can go back to the one(s) that you have less understanding of. For example, you registered four subjects like Use of English, Government, Literature and Yoruba. If you are very sure that you can get higher marks in Literature and Government than other two subjects, it's advisable to do Literature and Government first and use the remaining time for other subjects.

8. Follow instructions

Strict adherence to instructions is an important tip to be successful in every exam. Kindly follow all instructions pertaining to UTME registration, choosing of subjects, course and institutions. Make sure you extend that to the exam hall. There are some instructions that will be given during the exam by CBT centre operators. They are meant to ensure hitch free exercise for candidates. Do not hesitate to abide by all instructions given.

9. Arrive in CBT Early

Early arrival at CBT centre is also important. It is far better to arrive in exam centre too early than late. Do not put yourself in unnecessary stresses while running or rushing to centre. This may affect you negatively. You need to arrive early and feel relaxed with CBT environment in order to face the exam with cool mind.

10. Review All Your Answers

The last but not the least is review of answers before picking them. In this aspect, many candidates fail due to avoidable anxiety and inexperience. Success in UTME cannot be determined by brilliance and knowledge alone. It needs candidates' exercise of self-restraint on tricky answers. In most of UTME questions, examiners usually test ability of candidates to identify most correct and appropriate answers out of lesser correct ones. Some candidates are usually shocked by the outcome of UTME when they thought they have done the exam excellently without knowing they have fell prey to tricky answers at expense of most correct ones. Ensure you take a critical look at all options A-D before you pick one which must be most correct option.

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